Efficiency Solutions

Our CII National Award winning Energy Efficiency Solutions offer flexible ways to significantly reduce energy bills in any commercial, residential or industrial space. Our solutions completely eliminate sources of energy waste; Provide centralized control of all existing switches & devices; And provide live monitoring of all energy consumption.

BuildTrack Wireless Sensors can be installed with no wiring or aesthetic impact in finished spaces, to eliminate wastage of all lights, fans and AC’s. Our Smart Apps and hardware enable control of all switches across a building providing total central control of energy usage. Live monitoring of energy status is enabled by pairing BuildTrack solution with Smart Meters.


Our Wireless Motion Sensors and Switch Nodes can be used to ensure that lights, fans, exhaust fans or any energy device are turned on/off by wirelessly communicating to their switches based on motion sensed in spaces such as cabins, passages, aisles, pantry, bathrooms, parking etc.

Control any Air Conditioner (Window, Split, VRF) by either Smart App or by Wireless Motion Sensor. The Smart App provides centralized control of any number of AC units and provides their energy consumption data. Wireless Sensors automatically turn on/off AC’s based on sensed motion to eliminate wastage.

These sensors automatically communicate with switches to turn lights on/off when there is sufficient daylight level in a space. They can also operate BuildTrack blind & curtain motors to regulate the glare and light level from windows.

Any switch can be operated by BuildTrack Remote Control. These learning remotes can be programmed in an instant to operate multiple combinations of switches. It allows ease of control in large offices as multiple remotes can be used to control the same switch or to reach switches that are far from the seating area for convenience and to lower energy wastage.


Centralized Control of all Electrical devices in your Building

The ultimate level of centralized control for all electrical switches and devices from BuildTrack kiosks and Smart Apps. Lighting, Motors, Pumps, AC’s, DG sets, UPS status, Elevators and more can be monitored and/or controlled.


Monitor Smart Energy Meters to see energy consumption dynamically via Smart App for most 3rd party Smart Energy meters. Monitor status of DG sets, fuel tanks and UPS batteries.

Our High Capacity BuildTrack Nodes uniquely allow users to control electrical devices via Smart App and also provide live data regarding their energy consumption.