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Centralize All Your Air Conditioners

Reduce your Energy Consumption Drastically

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Your existing Air Conditioners which are distributed across your office floor, building and across your enterprise are individually controlled by users and consume significant energy. They are responsible for 35-50% of your total power bill and much of that energy consumption is wasted. It is wasted when Air Conditioners are not operating on a schedule or temperature levels are set abnormally low or when occupants are not present while Air Conditioners continue to run and this adds to your power bills as well Air Conditioner maintenance costs. Companies must CENTRALIZE their Air Conditioners to control them better and stop this power wastage. 

How Will Centralizing Air Conditioners Help ?

CENTRALizing all your existing Air Conditioners from a single point of control offers the ability to schedule, monitor energy consumption, detect faults, reset temperatures, control peak loads and more. It also increases safety by eliminating Air Conditioner related fires that commonly result from overheated Air Conditioners in the following manner.

  • Schedules: Working hour schedules can beset centrally by day, week or month to ensurethat the Air Conditioners turn OFF automatically at set times

  • Temperatures: Atpre-set periods the set temperature of Air Conditioners canbe re-established to standard values to reduce energy consumption

  • Peak Rates: During periods of peak electrical rates specific Air Conditioners can be turned OFF and turned back ON after.

  • Malfunctioning Air Conditioners: Exceptionally high ower consumption indicates a problematic Air Conditioner and a potential fire hazard which can be tracked centrally

  • Vacancy Monitoring: PIR motion sensors in a room can sense no presence and inform the central system to turn OFF the Air Conditioners

  • Hours & Power Monitoring: Total hours of operation of each Air Conditioner and the powerconsumption can be monitored