Touch Switch

Touch Switches with Remote Control


Elegant touch switches that can be operated manually or through a remote control. The manual touch switch and the remote control work interchangeably, like 2-way switches, where users can switch the device ON/OFF using either the switch or remote. The touch switch solution can be installed in both existing properties as replacement switches and in new properties such as homes, offices, hospitals etc. Soft LED displays on the switch provide convenient night time access and also provide the status of the load at all times. No additional external wiring is needed to install the solution and they can be installed within an hour. This solution can serve sockets with high loads and also provides optional dimming of incandescent lights and fan speed control.

A unique feature of the touch switch is the flexibility it offers to reduce the footprint of the switch panel by allowing a number of switches to be incorporated onto the same switch panel. Such a compact switch panel is both elegant and functional, especially in combination with the remotes. The remote control is available in 4-button and 12-button options. A remote holder which can be mounted to any surface is provided. The remote can be branded as required for large orders. The switches are designed to provide a soft electrical start which ensures the full life for the devices to which the touch switch are connected. Being a low voltage switch, it is considerably safer than traditional switches as it practically eliminates the possibility of any electrical shock..