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If you are NOT happy with what you pay in energy bills then this solution will help you. This is an Innovative National Award Winning Solution to help lower your bills quickly.

BuildTrack Wireless Motion Sensor ensure ZERO energy wastage by turning OFF all air conditioners, Lighting and Fans when it senses that the room is unoccupied and turns it back ON when it is occupied, by sensing motion in the room.

CII National Award 2018 for the most Innovative energy saving product

How does it work ?

BuildTrack Wireless Motion Sensors use Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) and sense any small movement in the room when placed there on a wall or ceiling. These sensors wirelessly communicate with BuildTrack Nodes that are placed inside switch boards of light/fan switches or air conditioner and together they control any air conditioner, Lights or Fans.

Affordable BuildTrack Wireless Motion Sensor

Air Conditioners and Lights remain ON as long as the sensor keeps sensing even small movements in the room over a period of 4 minutes. If in those 4 minutes it does not sense anything then it turns OFF the air conditioner and lighting. When it senses movement it immediately turns them back ON. For air conditioners,our solution provides the option of turning the power OFF or using the IR OFF (like you do with the remote).

How easy is it to deploy?

This solution can be deployed in a room within an hour to control all Air Conditioner, Lighting and Fans in any room. Since the sensors are wireless, it can be mounted on the ceiling or wall anywhere in the room and the Node sits behind the switches, so there is no visible wiring and even finished offices and cabins can be easily retrofitted with no impact on the aesthetics

How much do your energy bills reduce ?

Do you see existing wastage at your location? How often do you see that the Air Conditioner and Lights working when people are not in the room? All that wastage will be eliminated.

Our general experience is that anything between 20-40% reduction in usage is possible, and in addition the life of Air Conditioner and LED’s are extended.

sensor can installed without change wire setting

No Wiring Needed! Aesthetics of Room is retained intact

first wireless sensor in india

Sensor can be freely placed where required

Now use motion sensor with battery option

Switches will work, even if sensors fail or run out of battery!


Single sensor can control multiple switches

No need touch Existing Switches

Works with Existing Switches

Reduce Electricity Bills

Reduced electricity Bill

Easy to install

Rapid deployment in under an hour

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