Security System For Communities

Integrated Safety for both, Home & Community


This solution helps to monitor safety ( smoke, gas leaks ) and security ( intrusion, panic ) products within an individual home. It communicates these emergencies both, within the apartment as well as at the community level to the appropriate security personnel so that they can take the necessary action. The solution works through sensors that are placed in each apartment which communicate to the controller also placed in the apartment. Each apartment level controller communicates with a ‘Centralized Community Management System’ in order to share any emergency events that occur at the individual apartment. Sound alarms also occur at the apartment level. When events occur, at community level, they are broadcasted on the computer screen displays placed at the security station indicating both the location and type of emergency events that have occurred. Centralized Community Management System also saves a record of the event in a database and sends out an SMS to the residents of the property regarding the emergency event.

The apartment resident receives the communication via SMS and optionally through Smart App notification and emails. The solution ensures every possible means of communicating the emergency to all parties who can respond to the event. It requires minimal wiring for implementation and is built with adequate back-up that ensure operation in the event of power failure or internet failure.

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