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Home Automation

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Guest Room Automation

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Hotel Automation

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Smart Automation & IoT - Corporate Video

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Home Automation

Our Home Automation Solution addresses Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Entertainment to enhance the living experience for residents in Apartments and Villas.

  • zero-energy-wastage

    Centralize ACs to Reduce Energy Consumption

    Reduce your energy bills drastically by centralizing all your existing ACs

  • zero-energy-wastage

    Zero Energy Wastage Using Sensors

    If you are NOT happy with what you pay in energy bills then this solution will help you. This is an Innovative National Award Winning Solution to help lower your bills quickly.

  • buildtrack store security solution

    Store Security & Safety

    PROTECT YOUR STORE FROM THEFT AND FIRE, BY USING OUR SOLUTION. Our motion sensors, door sensors and shutter sensors can sound loud local alarms when there is a break-in and if you use our switch node it can also turn ON all the lights in the store.

  • buildtrack building safety solution new delhi

    Make Your Building Safe

    Reduce Risks from Safety Events. Use BuildTrack Solutions. Numerous instances have been reported in the recent past where fires have led to loss of life and property across the country. BuildTrack provides various solutions to keep your building safe .

  • Save BuildTrack's Building Management System Case Study

    BuildTrack's Building Management System

  • buildtrack energy efficiency solutions for centralize-ac building

    BuildTrack's Centralized Air Conditioning System