2-time winner of excellence in energy management awards from cii4 star - bureau of energy efficiency (bee) rating

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Our CII National Award winning Energy Efficiency Solutions offer flexible ways to significantly reduce energy bills in any commercial, residential or industrial space.

Our solutions target the highest electricity consuming assets in any space, including Lighting, HVAC/Air Conditioners, Water Pumps, Motors, Generators, Batteries/UPS and more. Our technological approach involves the use of our own Sensors, Controllers, Nodes, Apps , Servers, that monitor and control of all your energy consuming assets to minimize power consumption. We also offer LED’s, Drivers, Smart Meters and more to provide a complete one stop solution that allows you to maximize your power saving.

Our strategy for energy consumption reduction focus on eliminating sources of energy waste; Providing centralized control of all existing switches & devices; And live monitoring of all energy consuming assets. BuildTrack Sensors are wireless and leave the aesthetics of finished spaces completely intact while eliminating wastage of all lights, fans and Air Conditioning. Our Smart Apps and hardware enable control of all switches and Air Conditioners across a building providing total central control, scheduling and monitoring of your power usage.


Our Wireless Motion Sensors and Switch Nodes ensure that lights, fans, exhaust fans or any energy device are turned on/off based on motion sensed in spaces such as cabins, passages, aisles, pantry, bathrooms, parking etc. The Sensors communicate wirelessly with the Switch Nodes for achieving this control.

Wireless Motion Sensor for Light using energy efficiency solution buildtrack wireless motion Sensors communicate wirelessly with the Switch Nodes

Control any Air Conditioner (Window, Split, VRF) by either Smart App or by Wireless Motion Sensor. The Smart App provides centralized control of any number of AC units spread across your office space or building. It provides scheduling and temperature resets. Wireless Motion Sensors is another unique solution to automatically turn Air Conditioners ON/OFF based on sensed motion to eliminate wastage and reduce AC power consumption.

Control any Air Conditioner by either buildtrack Smart App or by Wireless Motion Sensor buildtrack Wireless Motion Sensors is another unique solution to automatically turn Air Conditioners ON/OFF

These sensors automatically communicate with switches to turn lights on/off when there is sufficient daylight level in a space. They can also operate BuildTrack blind & curtain motors to regulate the glare and light level from windows.

use buildtrack Wireless Daylight (Lux) Sensor for Lighting buildtrack daylight sensors automatically communicate with switches

Any switch can be operated by BuildTrack Remote Control. These learning remotes can be programmed in an instant to operate multiple combinations of switches. It allows ease of control in large offices as multiple remotes can be used to control the same switch or to reach switches that are far from the seating area for convenience and to lower energy wastage.

Any electric switch can be operated by BuildTrack Remote Control
  • Installed buildtrack Wireless Motion Sensors in office and mall premises
  • Buildtrack Wireless Motion Sensors helps to control your office air conditioner
  • use daylight wireless sensor in office or hotel passages to reduce energy bills
  • now control lights & fans using buildtrack remote control
  • buildtrack offer wide range of Wireless Motion Sensors with smart Apps
  • control your motion sensor using buildtrack smart sense apps
  • buildtrack provides dalylight motion sensor at reasonable price
  • buildtrack offer learning remote control which is use large offices


Air Conditioning and Lighting are the top consumers of power in any building space. Centralized control and monitoring of these can help in many ways to reduce consumption. Their operation can be scheduled, for Air Conditioning certain temperature values can be set, malfunction or non-operation of Air Conditioners can be detected. Centralizing results in better control and oversight and reduces power consumption.

energy efficient building in delhi buildtrack smart apps & products for energy efficient high rise buildings

Building Management System provides the ultimate level of centralized control of all electrical assets and switches from BuildTrack BMS kiosks and Smart Apps allowing for management of all energy consuming assets from a single point. Lighting, Motors, Pumps, DG Sets, UPS Status, Air Conditioning, Elevators and any other power consuming electrical asset can be monitored and/or controlled.

installed energy efficient products in conference room Noida high rated samrt Apps for energy efficiency solution
  • buildtrack offer customize energy saving solution in India
  • smart conference room with energy efficiency feature
  • smart energy efficiency building solution
  • building energy saving via buildtrack smart apps controller


  • buildtrack smart energy consumption tracking meter for buildings, hotel and hospitals
  • control high capacity node by buildtrack smart Apps
  • Watch
                      energy consumption dynamically via buildtrack Smart Apps
  • control high capacity node by buildtrack smart Apps