Centralized Control System

Centralized Lighting & Load Management System


Centralized Control solution offers management of any electrical load on any of your properties, from anywhere in the world. It offers immense flexibility for managing distributed electrical loads across the facility through centralized control. Whether in a housing community or commercial, retail, hospitality or healthcare related facility there are always electrical equipment or lighting that are distributed across the property. To name a few these may include, common area lighting, landscape lighting, facade lighting, street lighting, motors, pumps, generators and sprinklers.

Easily enabling centralized control that can be operated on a computer or a tablet that displays the floor plan of the property and identifies the location of the load visually allows for energy efficiency and operational effectiveness. In most cases, this solution can be achieved with minimal wiring or if large open spaces are involved, then wireless options for controlling the loads also exists.

The solution works by connecting our actuators to the switch on each load. The actuators communicate to a controller either through wired or wireless means. A configurable Smart App that can operate on tablets, smartphones or a web application can be used to control the switches remotely. The status of the load is always shown to all users irrespective of where they are, thereby providing actionable information. ‘Cloud’ based analytics allow rule based actuation of devices (e.g. schedule based), helping increase the level of efficiency achievable. The same solution can also extend to incorporate monitoring of safety (smoke, gas) and security (motion, glass break) sensors to make this into a Centralized Load & Safety Management system as well.

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