Curtain Control

Curtain & Blind Control Using Remote


Curtain Control solution is designed to open and close window curtains and blinds automatically. The movement can be initiated either from the Remote Control Switch or from Touch Switch, providing users with ultimate levels of flexibility. Multiple curtains can be controlled with a single remote. The motion of the curtain is in the form of a smooth, continuous movement initiated by pressing and holding down the button on the remote or the switch.

The remote for this solution can be shared with most of the other solutions, so the curtain control can be a part of the same remote used to control the lights, fans and sockets in any room as mentioned in the Remote Control Switch and Touch Switch solutions. In this way, it offers the user an integrated solution for managing all important aspects of one room from a single remote control or a touch switch panel. There is an option to upgrade this solution to operate the curtain through a Smart App. SmartApp allows use of motorized curtains, electric curtains or motorized roller blinds. To learn more about the Smart App control, please review the Smartphone Control solution.

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