Smart Facility Management System


BuildTrack Facility Management is a unique solution that can be used for facility management of residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality or institutional facilities. It is a software solution that supports facility management activities, enables control of most electrical devices on a facility remotely and enables monitoring of safety/security sensors. It promotes safety, security and convenience for both, the managers of the facility and the occupants of the property. Some of its key features include:

  1. Safety & Security Management: It can be linked to smoke, gas, motion, glass break and other sensors that are distributed throughout the property to quickly monitor any incidents and also, if needed, communicate them to occupants of the property via SMS, email or smartphone notifications.
  2. Touch Switch Control: It can allow users to turn ON/OFF switches across the property remotely and also identify the status of any equipment or switches that are connected to BuildTrack™ controllers.
  3. Video Streams: The solution can be connected to IP based video cameras or DVRs on the property with visual linkages to the floor plans. This allows to quickly monitor various locations by simply clicking on floor plans or area maps of the property for improved safety and security.
  4. Property & Asset Data Management: All types of data about property and assets can be stored, managed and viewed based on permissions, including floor plans, electrical layouts, equipment specifications, fire-escape, exit plans and more.
  5. Help Desk: Occupant can request for maintenance services via Smart App, web or SMS and it allows management of the status of such requests by technicians.
  6. Notice: Notices can be created to send to individuals or specific groups of users.
  7. Reservations: Shared assets or spaces such as conference rooms, can be managed through a reservation feature.
  8. Maintenance: Management of preventive maintenance schedules, vendor contracts, asset specific maintenance data are all enabled.
  9. Visitor Management: Management of visitors to any facility and printing of visitor passes.

The software that supports this solution is accessible online on the web or via smartphone apps, thereby making it convenient for users and facility management personnel.