Essential Safety & Security for an Apartment/Villa


This solution is suitable for monitoring an individual home or a villa with the help of safety (smoke, gas leaks) and security (intrusion, panic) products. These products raise sound alarms and also notify through SMS, Email or Smartphone notifications. The sensors included in this solution communicate wirelessly to the controller which is the core of the operating system. The local audio alarm is triggered when any event is detected.

This solution offers two alternative modes of communicating the events to the residents of the apartments. The communication can be enabled either via SIM card or alternatively through Internet as per the preference of users. The SIM card option uses SMS for communication of events and the internet based option provides communication via email and notifications via a Smart App. The system can be armed or disarmed using a key fob or a Smart App. The solution can work at an individual apartment or villa level and it can also be integrated to a Central Monitoring System at the community level where security personnel can easily monitor multiple apartments in a community. The solution is easy to implement in existing homes without the need for cumbersome and expensive wiring.

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