IP Camera

Live Video Monitoring


Indoor IP camera that monitors your property and provides a constant vigil over children, seniors, employees or service providers who might have access to the property. The camera is placed in an appropriate spot on the property, and it can connect wirelessly to any existing WiFi on the property or to the internet to enable remote viewing using the Smart App.

The App offers a lot of flexibility to control the camera by panning and tilting of cameras and is also unique in offering the option to capture a short stream of video. This video clip is stored in the 'cloud' and is accessible via the App anytime. The video clip recording can be manually enabled by the user or it can be initiated by a sensor. For instance, the recording can be automatically initiated when one of the safety sensors is triggered on the property. The sensors that may trigger such a recording could be a smoke sensor, gas sensor, intrusion sensor, motion sensor or glass break sensor. The short video clip recordings are stored remotely on 'cloud storage' and therefore do not need any additional device such as a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

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