Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor Controlled Lighting


Motion Sensor is a solution that is intended for property locations such as stairwells, bathrooms, passageways, pantries and kitchens, equipment rooms, where lights need to be turned ON based on the movement. Motion Sensor is a solution targeted to conserve energy for lighting and other electrical devices. The motion sensor is based on Passive Infrared (PIR) sensing technology i.e. it operates automatically on the basis of movement sensed over a predefined period. It eliminates the need for manual intervention to turn the lights ON/OFF by automating the procedure. It turns the lights ON whenever any movement is sensed and turns it OFF when no movement is sensed over a defined period of time.

Multiple deployment options are available for this solution, such as multiple sensors controlling a single light/device or alternatively, one sensor triggering multiple lights/devices. There are options where a ‘sensor override’ switch can be provided to turn OFF the motion sensor based control and switch back to manual control. The sensor can be wired directly to loads and requires no battery power. Wireless options are also possible where the sensor communicates wirelessly to trigger the load. Our design of a soft ‘electrical’ start ensures that our solution extends the life of the devices (e.g. lights, fans) that are activated through this solution, unlike relay-driven solutions which shorten the life of connected devices.

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