Smartphone Control

Switches Controlled by Smart Apps & Remotes


Smartphone Control is a solution designed for all age groups. If offers the flexibility to operate a switch via multiple modes. i.e. through buildtrack touch switch, remote control and a Smart App. The Smart App operates on local WiFi or via internet. The solution appeals to the elderly as it provides them familiar manual switches and to the younger generation it offers the smartphone or tablet control. The remote control proves handy for all age groups for its similar to a mobile switch panel.

The solution offers control of any electrical device such as lights, fans curtains, roller blinds, projectors and even the devices with heavy load requirements.

1. Elegant touch switches with LED indicators that offer the traditional manual switching option

2. Remote controls that have 4 or 12 keys to operate the same devices as the switches

3. Smart App that can operate on tablets, computers or smartphones to

  1. Control various switches
  2. Show ON/OFF status of the switch
  3. Provide flexibility to name switches
  4. Allow user to create ‘ master ’ switches that can operate multiple switches
  5. Enable control via internet

This solution involves some wiring from the touch switches to BuildTrack controllers which serve as the central hub of the Smartphone Control system.

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