Video Door Phone For Communities

Integrated Wireless Video Door Phone for Whole Building


This is a wireless video door phone solution for a multi-apartment building complex. It offers a lobby door phone that serves the whole building for visitors entering the lobby and additionally, one from the front door of each apartment (optional). Both the lobby and door unit communicate to the resident inside apartment and allows the resident to view and converse with the visitors using a Smart App that can operate on tablet or smartphone. The whole system is managed through a dedicated server.

When visitors at the lobby or front door presses the door bell, the tablet or smartphone at home being wireless would ‘ring’ indicating the arrival. The Smart App allows user with video and audio access to the front door camera to validate the visitor before opening the door. The solution includes some additional (optional) features such as,

  1. Viewing visitor remotely when away from home (requires internet connectivity)
  2. Remotely unlocking door
  3. Storing videos of front door visitors for playback

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