Video Door Phone For Homes

Wireless Video Door Phone for an Apartment/Villa


This is a wireless video door phone solution for an individual apartment or villa. A camera with integrated doorbell sits next to the front door and enables the resident to see the visitor and have a conversation with them. When visitors ring the doorbell, both, a conventional bell placed within the apartment as well as the Smart App on the phone or tablet alert the resident to the arrival of the visitor. The resident will be able to see the visitor but not vice versa. The video door phone will also retain recorded video of visitors if residents are not at home.

This video door phone solution includes a video server that manages communication between the front door phone and the tablet or computer used by the resident. The Smart App allows users to have audio and video access to the front door camera to validate the visitor before opening the door. Other optional features, include ability to view visitor remotely when away from home (requires internet connectivity) and also the ability to remotely unlock door for which an electromagnetic door lock needs to be used.

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