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Patient Call


Patient Call

& Safety


Patient Call Buttons

Light/Fan/AC/Curtain Remote

Centralized Patient Call Monitoring

Facility & Safety Management

Hospital Automation System (Automation in Health Care Management)

The solution provides convenience to patients within patient rooms and can work broadly to support facility management and improve safety.

In the patient room, the solution provides;

  • Remote Control Switch : Patients can control any lighting, fans and air conditioners using a remote. These can be operated without getting up or requesting help from others.
  • Call Button: The remotes also have integrated call buttons that are monitored from a central patient call monitoring system.

For the nursing staff, the solution provides;

  • Centralized Patient Call Monitoring:A display that shows the room numbers and time that the call button was used. The display can be seen on a Smart App via tablet or smart phone even when the staff is mobile, which helps increase productivity and responsiveness.
  • A Service Help Desk: The Smart App can be used for requesting any form of services from housekeeping to facility management.

For the hospital facility management staff, the solution provides;

  • Service Task Management: The Smart App can be used to manage the Help Desk to receive service requests and manage assignment of tasks to facility personnel.
  • Safety Management: Smart App provides the status of safety sensors that are placed in the building (e.g. smoke, gas leaks etc.) and warns of any events sensed, with location and other information needed by them to support rapid responses to emergencies.

The Healthcare Automation solution can operate either locally within the property or if enabled by internet then it can be accessed remotely via internet enabled devices.


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