Remote Control Switch

Remote Controls for Existing Switches


The remote control switch is unique in its ability to allow control of existing switches in any property using a remote control. When used in co-ordination with existing switches, the manual control of the switch remains unchanged i.e. it enables the user to use the switch manually. The solution can serve sockets with high loads and also provide optional dimming of incandescent lights and fan speed control. The Remote Control Switch solution can be installed quickly without making any external changes to the existing switch.

The remote control switch works by connecting an actuator within the switch panel of the existing switches. No external changes will be visible to the switch panel. The existing switch should be in the OFF position for the remote to be able to control the device connected to the switch. When the switch is in the ON position, it overrides the remote to turn the device ON.

The remote control switch is designed with the latest technologies that deliver a soft and smooth electrical start which enhances the life of the connected devices ( lights, fans, etc ) unlike conventional relay-driven remote systems which can substantially shorten that life. The remote control is available in 4-button and 12-button options and can be branded as required for large orders. A remote holder which can be mounted to any surface is provided.