enhance energy efficiency in clubhouses without changing the existing assets


Clubhouses exist everywhere, within Residential Communities, or on Golf Courses or as a members only type of Club. Most of these consume a lot of energy towards maintaining the ambience and comfort required by the members. Members being the indirect owners of the facility require all comfort and the management has to meet their demands, often without too much compromise. This makes it challenging to maintain the power consumption for the facility and therefore the energy bills. This article shows the energy consuming elements in clubhouses based on audits done by BuildTrack in multiple facilities.

A general observation at all these spaces is that all the lights and air-conditioning system are operating throughout the day in all the spaces. The air-conditioning units are always running to maintain temperature of the spaces whereas the lights are switched on to maintain he ambience of the space.

A typical golf course with a club house has various spaces/activity areas for different sports, guest rooms which would range from 60 – 80 in numbers and a golf course area. This kind of facility will be served with approx. 80-90 air-conditioning units, about 1300-1500 interior light fixtures and about 300 exterior light fixtures. There are energy consuming equipment inside the facility which will be operating as per the requirement. Here are the spaces which contribute to energy wastage in clubhouses.

1. Activity Areas:

Clubhouses usually have multiple buildings reserved for various activities such as indoor sports, swimming pool area, changing rooms, library, etc. All such buildings are generally served with splits or cassette system air conditioning units to suffice the requirement.

2. Lobby Areas:

Every building has a lobby area which has a multiple light fixtures and air conditioning units to maintain the comfort and aesthetics of the space.

3. Guest rooms:

The Guest rooms are designed with multiple light fixtures and usually have a dedicated air conditioning unit. The lights and air conditioning units in many of the rooms are operating even though the guest leaves the room, although some situations they might have a slot for the room key to be placed which allows power in the room.

In case of golf courses the one of the major energy consuming element is the irrigation system. Maintenance of the golf course/lawn is a crucial activity and a dedicated resource is always engaged in operating the irrigation pumps on a timely basis.

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