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The cost of power in India is rising rapidly and this trend is unlikely to change anytime in the near future in our growing economy. Energy bills account for a significant portion of the operating costs of corporations. While this is a significant burden on companies, this area also provides CFO’s with a unique opportunity to bolster the bottom line of their company through corporate-wide Energy Efficiency programs. With the rapid evolution of technology, this can be one of the best investments for a company, with paybacks that are impressively within 12-24 month range and benefits are clearly measurable in the form of lower energy costs for the corporation. Energy efficiency should therefore rank amongst the top corporate initiatives simply from this perspective, and the fact that in addition it helps the country to conserve a precious resource that is in short supply and has a substantially positive impact on the environment in metros where it has often become difficult to breathe clean air.

The energy consumption in the offices of most companies is primarily driven by electrical equipment associated with lighting, air-conditioning and fans. Besides this, other contributors are usually plug loads (PC’s and other office equipment) and a few items like, heavy electrical equipment such as pumps and motors, if a complete building is occupied by the company. These equipment are typically distributed across multiple office spaces across cities where the company operates. Often these offices are in finished spaces that cannot be re-modeled or even slightly modified with say, additional wiring, due to the cost and the disruption to the business. Electrical equipment such as Air Conditioners and Fans usually belong to multiple vendors and cannot be changed. Despite these seemingly disparate challenges that range from geographically distributed spaces to multiple vendors, to the inability to alter wiring or interiors, significant energy efficiency can be achieved through the use of recent technologies.

Recent energy efficiency solutions that use the latest technologies in the form of sensors, actuators, controllers, communication, smart switches, LED’s, Voice enabled devices, Smart Meters, Smart Apps and Server software for schedule/control/monitor along with wireless options such as WiFi and other RF enabled retrofitting variety of equipment, rapidly reduce the wastage and manage their use and hence their consumption of power. The beauty of these technologies is that most often they are non-disruptive because they can be deployed quickly without impacting existing equipment or spaces or interior decors and remain in the background such that users of these power consuming equipment do not feel really impacted in terms of their personal comfort or conveniences. These technologies work in the background to ensure efficiency by eliminating wastage for most part and sometimes tweaking the usage behavior in minor ways that do not impact the consumers. By smartly deploying these technologies selectively and surgically, significant ROI benefits can be achieved. Paybacks in the range of 12-24 months are achievable on average in number of situations.

Our company BuildTrack is a leader in such Smart Automation and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and we have been twice awarded the Excellence in Energy Management Award by CII for the most Innovative Energy Saving Solutions that we have designed and developed in India. Our organization also is a certified ESCO from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India. The objective of our solutions is to allow large companies to deploy Corporate-wide initiatives that can take a 5-10% bite out of their entire energy consumption, with ROI that range between 12-24 months. Our solutions target the highest electricity consuming assets in any space, including Lighting, Air Conditioners, Fans/Exhausts/Blowers, Water Pumps and Motors. Air conditioners in any company are typically responsible for almost 30-50% of the power bill and are often the principal targets of such an exercise for rapid ROIs.

BuildTrack solutions provide a win-win situation for the corporation, consumer, environment and country. Learn more at

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