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Automation has been a trending topic in the hospitality industry over the past few years.  Automation solutions can enrich the hotel guest’s in-room experience and improve the operational and energy efficiency of the hotel which will inturn improve the brand loyalty. The automation system for hotels not only provides luxurious guest experience but also provide operational benefits like energy savings, asset maintenance, centralized management etc.

How Can Hotel Automation help Hotels? 

Guest Rooms:  Guest rooms are the primary spaces where the guests experience of the hotel gets established. The easier and quicker that the guest finds to interact with the various lighting switches, Air conditioning, curtains, media devices and amenities offered by the hotel, the better their experience is likely to be at the hotel Smart App Based Control of (all room) features such as Lights, Fans, A/C’s, TV’s, Curtain/Blinds and Room Service provides a seamless and efficient stay for the customer. These automation features also allows optimization of guest room energy consumption based on occupancy detection functionalities, thereby conserving energy for the room, which is important since it constitutes one of the highest operating cost items for the hotel.

Common Areas:  Energy Efficient Motion Sensors can be placed in aisles, bathrooms, elevators, seating areas, conference rooms for controlling lighting and air conditioning to eliminate waste without diminishing guest conveniences or experience.

Centralized Management: Safety sensors like Smoke and Gas Leaks can be placed in Restaurant Kitchens, Guest Rooms, Passageways, Bathrooms, Storage areas and all areas where fire safety is important. All sensors can be centrally monitored via Smart Apps.

Lighting control is one of the key aspects in Hotel Automation.  The atmosphere created by the lighting is very important and key in elevating the stylishness of the space and creating a good first impression for the customer.  BuildTrack has worked with various hotels offering them centralized lighting controls for party halls, banquets etc. The solution enables the hotel owners multiple functions including Master ON/OFF; Zone-based Dimming; Mood or Profile based Dimming, Scheduling and more.  Read more about our recent project in Hotel Ramada, Lucknow.   Our wireless and wired solutions offer flexibility & make deployment economical for both existing & new hotels. Click here to know more.


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