7 ways how smart homes can help during Covid-19


COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the world and most countries are in lockdown. Even though people are shut in their own houses, it is inevitable that that there are things that multiple people will touch within the homes, such as light switches, fan switches, remotes for TV or Air Conditioning, curtains or blinds.

So there are changes that it will likely bring to how people interact with homes and buildings. We have seen videos on youtube and whatsapp circulating with people trying different things, such as carrying toothpicks around to press the buttons on elevators to avoid contact or using their elbows to push doors open and so forth. Sensitivity to touching objects will continue to persist

Smart Technologies can aid in creating a ‘minimal touch’ post-Covid environment for many things that need to be operated. Voice Enabled & Smartphone Controls for controlling many of the household devices will definitely minimize or localize the touching of shared control items. For instance these can help with,

  1. Turning on/off devices like lighting and fans
  2. Changing channels on TV or STB and turning them On/Off
  3. Turing air conditioners On/Off or changing settings
  4. Operating curtains/blinds
  5. Opening automated door locks without touching door handles.

Some items that do not even need voice assistants or smart phones are sensor operated devices and can be done hands-free, autonomously:

  1. PIR sensors to turn on/off lighting in bathrooms/stairways/passages
  2. Temperature and Humidity sensors to turn Fans or ACs On/Off

At a building level elevator buttons can be configured via automation to be accessible for operation via Smart Phones and to help reduce the touch of these surfaces used by the entire building community. In addition also some common area lighting can be managed via smart phones or schedules or autonomously via sensors as appropriate.

Sure, these are possibly just drops in the bucket as one goes through the various activities in daily life. But during the period of caution every drop counts.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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