The hospitality sector accounts for a large proportion of energy use in commercial buildings.  The guidebook by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) states that in any operational hotel building, electricity accounts for more than 50% of total energy utilization and is used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting system etc. Studies have indicated that there is an enormous potential of saving of electricity by implementing energy efficiency in this sector.

The hospitality industry has always focused on Customer comfort and convenience as their primary objective. Offering impressive hotel room features, hotel amenities and improved high quality service to customers has rightly been the dominant aspect of the thinking in this industry. But, increasingly with profit margins under pressure Indian hotels are looking at ways to improve their cost structure.  This industry wants to serve customers better, but with lower costs and environmental impact.

Most of the hotels would want a solution that can retrofit existing spaces without disruption of any of the interior aesthetics and in very little time, which is an important factor for Hotels that are always busy and don’t like to experience disruption to their operations.  Fortunately there are a few options that hotel owners and operators have recognized that can be deployed by them without changes to most of their existing electrical assets. These solutions also can be deployed often quickly without being disruptive to the guests or imposing on the revenue stream of the hotel.

Companies like BuildTrack offer solutions that can improve guest’s experience and improve operational and energy efficiency of the hotel.  Guests are provided the luxury of control via Smart Apps and remotes for their room. Energy optimization sensors eliminate wastage of energy in aisles, bathrooms & more. Centralized management through BMS allows safety/ security monitoring and control of all hotel electrical assets & devices from a single point.  Know more about the Hotel automation solutions.

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