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What was seen in seen in movies earlier with Voice controlled homes is now becoming a reality in many homes today.  With the introduction of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or Apple Homepod interacting with your home and all the electrical assets in there is a possibility. Home automation companies like BuildTrack, are incorporating voice control into the smart home system to control multiple facets from lighting to media devices. Sensors in the home can also communicate back to the home occupants to inform them about the status of safety and security of the home.

A voice enable smart home can be useful for people with physical limitations such as the elderly and the physically disabled to reduce their dependence on others for some of the basic actions within a home like turning on/off lights or fans or opening and closing curtains and so forth. Even doors can be opened remotely by them after ascertaining who the visitor is. For homes where there are children, greater electrical safety is achieved if they are not touching electrical switches and instead using voice control in their rooms. Home occupants can find other features to add significant convenience, such as single commands that can take care of multiple actions within the home. For instance simply saying “Going to Work” can turn off the lighting, AC’s and media devices while arming all the security sensors; “Going to sleep” can turn off the light and media devices but leave the AC’s on with only the balcony sensors being armed.

Some of the features of a voice controlled system that can work for both homes and hotels are listed below:

In Homes:

  1. Control lights or fans in any room
  2. Dimming of lights, Fan Speed Control
  3. Opening or closing the curtains or blinds
  4. Turning on or off the air conditioners and setting temperatures
  5. Turn on or off the TV or STB and changing channels or volume levels

In Hotels:

While all of the above commands used in Homes are relevant in Hotels, other additional features via voice will add value to the Guest as well

  1. Enable or Disabling the Do Not Disturb mode for the guest rooms
  2. Enabling the laundry service or Housekeeping
  3. Ordering room service for food

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