What Does It Mean To Automate A Home Or Workspace


Home or Workspace Automation typically refers to technology that enables these living or working spaces to communicate and interact with the occupant. The intent of the communication is to enhance the occupant’s experience of that space by making it more safe, secure, comfortable, convenient and also energy conserving. There are many perspectives to view Automation from based on the outcomes it provides, for example,

  • It enables a home that scares intruders away when they break-in and reduces losses for the owners through quick action
  • It can mean curtains or blinds that automatically open in the morning and close when the sun is too bright for the convenience of occupants and to conserve energy
  • It can mean Smoke and gas leak Sensors that catch potential disaster situation early enough to save lives and stop major property damage
  • It can mean Cameras that allow surveillance of a home from anywhere and doors that can be opened remotely for convenience reasons

There was a time when automation was only affordable on some commercial buildings and the highest-end homes. But nowadays home automation is within reach for those consumers who look forward to making their home a smart home and for any office or building as well. Home and Workplace Automation is a rapidly growing area of technology in India, however, it is also a new area of technology where there is insufficient clarity on the system and the various features. This lack of clarity holds back people from adopting these technologies that can help them. Companies such as ours are providing educational events to help individuals to learn more about the underlying technology and how it works and the relevant parts and pieces that constitute the system. These are presented in the form of webinars that you can attend and also ask questions. If you would like to know more about this topic or attend a webinar at no cost, then look for more home automation ideas, then do visit http://www.buildtrack.in/home-automation-india and explore.

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