Buildtrack top 3 reasons to choose home automation


Today smart home technologies have become affordable and middle-class households are all using some form of smart home automation or the other. The driving factors for homeowners looking to invest in a home automation system in the order of priority include:

  1. Security
  2. Convenience & Energy Efficiency
  3. Comfort & Prestige

A survey by Schneider Electric shows that for HomeOwner, Security by far is the biggest driver for automating their homes with over half of the surveyed population citing it as their primary reason for choosing home automation. Convenience and Energy Efficiency are the second primary reason for the choice and about a third of the surveyed population citing this as their primary reason. Comfort & Prestige was also cited, but only by a sixth of the surveyed population.

As per an article in MoneyControl, every year, the uptake of smart homes in India is increasing by between 15-18% in tier 1 cities and by between 5-10% in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Over 1.5million homes in India are expected to have some form of Automation by 2020 as per data provided by Statista.

Though used generically as Smart Automation, there are many flavors that can be chosen by customer based on their needs and budgets. These include cameras, smart door locking systems electronically enabled lighting and HVAC systems, fire and gas leakage detection systems, energy efficiency monitoring, entertainment systems, etc. While all this comes at a cost, a Schneider Survey identifies that middle-class home owners are willing to consider an investment of 2-3% of their home price as being reasonable for such needs. High end homeowner are willing to expend double that.

What should it look for when choosing home automation? See which of the following items are covered:

  • WHAT IT CONTROLS: Lighting, Fan, AC, Plug socket, Curtain/Blind, Remote door unlock, Music
  • WHAT IT MONITORS: Fire/Smoke, Gas Leak, Home Intrusion, Door Monitoring (VDP) & Remote Locks, Panic button
  • HOW IT MONITORS: Event based notifications (Apps), Local Alarms

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