Buildtrack Smart Conference Room Mumbai


With the introduction of conference room automation, companies can improve the efficiency of their meetings, saving time and money.  A complete conference room management solution that can be deployed quickly with minimal wiring and disruption can help it make smart.  The system could include the following


  • Lighting Control: Turning the lights ON/ OFF or dimming them using a Remote control or through a Smart App.
  • Motorized Roller Blinds & Projector Screen Control: Allowing curtains or blinds to be opened or closed through a Remote or Smart App. Also, allows moving the projector screen as well as any projectors deployed using motorized mounts.
  • Energy Conservation: Automatic control of motorized blinds along the glass facade to minimize glare and ingress of direct solar radiation. Motion sensors in the washrooms or passages can also be used to save energy.
  • Safety Monitoring: Monitoring fire safety in pantries and other critical areas by using smoke sensor.

In addition to conference room automation offices can consider other elements of automation to improve overall office operations. These can include some of the below also:

  • Surveillance: Monitoring the office premises using CCTV & IP cameras. DVRs can be used for recording the footages.
  • Access Control: Ensuring protection to your premises, staff and assets by allowing control over who is allowed to enter your premises using an access control system. This can also work as an attendance system too.
  • Centralized Management: Ability to bring together all the aspects on a centralized dashboard for one or multiple office locations, including centralized lighting control, safety monitoring and camera streaming through Browser or Smart Apps.

Companies like BuildTrack also offer many other features as add-ons. There are Wireless Call buttons that can be placed across an office for variety of uses. They can be used to alert the concierge for food service or they can be placed in wash-rooms and pantries for cleaning or supply needs. Apart from conference room automation there are other features which can make companies safe, smart and sustainable across their globally distributed Office branches.  Click here to read more

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